The Power of Conscious Leadership with Ravi Venkatesan, CEO of Cantaloupe

What is Conscious Leadership? Can it be a game changer for organizations? Ravi Venkatesan – CEO of software company Cantaloupe – and I had a brilliant conversation around this powerful topic and how his leadership style directly impacts the effectiveness of his team and influences company culture and performance. This is a conversation that you don’t want to miss. Believe me. KEY TAKEAWAYS
  • Working internationally isn’t just about translating things, it’s about understanding and recognising cultural differences and adapting to them, tailoring the company and product to the country.
  • Cantaloupe have transformed its business model to be subscription based as this is how clients wanted to use their product, leading to higher client satisfaction as well as higher margin for them.
  • Often smaller to medium-sized companies are quicker to adapt and pivot, while larger companies have to contend with the bureaucracy associated with change and also often attitudes that are resistant to it too.
  • How we manage our inner state directly impacts those we lead and the relationships we build. To be an effective leader you need to consciously manage yourself to build your company culture and foster your team into making the right decisions.
  • One of the key things Ravi focuses on is looking for opportunities for new talent and unlocking potential in existing team members.
  • Too frequently leaders ignore people’s potential but if we can engage team members and inspire them, we can get so much more, for them and for the company.
  • All companies have a collective consciousness made up of their employees, partners and clients. If leaders can tap into this consciousness and influence it, then it will also have an impact on performance as a whole.
BEST BITS “Sometimes you can have the best team in place but if it’s a failing business model it starts going downhill” “It’s important to have a vision that inspires, people who work for a paycheck, you’re only getting compliance from them. If you want amazing results, then they need to be inspired” “The larger an organisation the harder it is for them to accept a major change” “How we manage our own inner state with reflect in that outer behaviour and our outer behaviour directly leads to the kind of trust somebody builds as a leader” “Constantly upgrading talent and unlocking potential is something I spend a lot of time on” “You are showing the organisation that you are there for them rather than being like other CEOs” “Organisations have a consciousness, which is their collective consciousness of everybody who works there…if the impact I can have as a leader is to raise the level of consciousness of my organisation”
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