The secret to operate outside of your comfort zone

Hard truth: It feels so good to stay where we are.

We all tend to say this to ourselves when we see limitations and not possibilities in front of us.

It’s comfy.

On the other hand, others get too excited and embark on a way-too-big and unrealistic journey.

This leads them to panic because it’s just a pipe dream.

As a result, many people spend either too much time in their comfort zone or the panic zone:

My advice:

Always operate in the learning zone doing tasks with a challenge level of 20-25% higher than your current abilities.

If you do so:

  • You’ll expand the learning zone and reduce the other two
  • You’ll stop being bored or feel like nothing is changing
  • You’ll stay motivated enough for the challenge

Growth requires a good dose of realism without losing ambition.


I’ve just uploaded my conversation with Michael Hansen, CEO of Hempel – a world-leading supplier of trusted coating solutions – based in Denmark. We discussed in-depth how important culture is to a company and what a CEO can do to influence it.

Watch it here

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