The Secret to Successful Women Leaders with Lisa Baird, CEO of NextUp

What’s the future of leadership? What is women’s role?

I sit down with Lisa Baird, experienced board member and CEO of NextUp – a leading non-profit organization that has been bringing professional women, allies, and corporate partners together to champion gender equity and advance all women in their careers.

Lisa delves into the evolving dynamics of leadership in 2024, sharing her insights on the unique challenges and opportunities facing women in leadership roles today, and the critical importance of creating an inclusive workplace environment.

Here are my takeaways:

Navigating the 2024 Leadership Landscape:

In 2024, leaders must handle a complex business environment, manage diverse stakeholders, and adapt to changes brought on by the pandemic. The ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions and integrate diverse viewpoints is crucial for sustaining business growth and fostering a resilient organizational culture.

This adaptability ensures that companies can respond dynamically to market changes and stakeholder needs.

Unique Skills for Women Leaders:

Women seeking leadership roles should develop a “plus one” skill that sets them apart and adds value to their organization. This unique skill can help women stand out in competitive environments and be perceived as indispensable to their teams.

It serves not just as a career differentiator but also enhances the overall capability and innovation within the team, encouraging a culture of continuous learning and development.

Building Confidence in Leadership:

Confidence is essential for women in leadership; it can be built by taking on responsibilities outside of work and creating a supportive network. Confidence enables women to take decisive actions, assert their ideas, and lead effectively under pressure.

Building confidence through varied experiences also helps in developing resilience and a growth mindset, which are critical for navigating the complexities of leadership.

The Role of Men as Allies:

Men play a crucial role as allies in creating an inclusive workplace and actively sponsoring women’s career advancement. Their support can help challenge the status quo and foster an environment where diverse leadership thrives.

By advocating for gender diversity, men can help create a more balanced perspective at decision-making levels, leading to better business outcomes and a more equitable workplace culture.

Leveraging Technology for Competitive Advantage:

Embracing AI and other emerging technologies can give women a competitive edge and drive business growth. Technology not only streamlines operations but also opens up new avenues for innovation and problem-solving.

For women in leadership, utilizing technology effectively means they can lead teams toward more efficient processes and enhanced data-driven decision-making.

The Importance of a Personal Board of Advisors:

Leaders should cultivate a personal board of advisors to provide guidance, accountability, and a fresh perspective on personal and professional growth. Such a board can act as a sounding board for ideas, offer strategic advice, and provide critical feedback to help leaders navigate challenges and opportunities.

This network is invaluable for continuous personal development and for maintaining strategic direction in one’s career.

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