Three reasons why you are not getting something back from clients

How many times do you get something back from others? When we put ourselves first, we tend to ask rather than giving. We ask for a favor, a recommendation, an introduction, a referral, a sale. We keep asking others to do something for us, right? We assume people will give something to us because we are nice people and we ask gently. Although this may happen, this is not the way to get more YES. What if we don’t need to ask at all? A few days ago, I was watching a talk from Robert Cialdini. He was talking about how to get something in return using the principle of reciprocation. This isn’t a new principle and we know why is important to give first before asking anything. The problem with this, as well as with all other principles, is the fact isn’t executed. We know this in the back of our mind, however, we are often back asking first. When it comes to giving something to others, Cialdini identifies three factors and criteria that leads people to give back: – Meaningful – Unexpected – Personalised If you are not getting back from people, it may well be that you are not giving much value to them. What are you really giving to your target market?

How can you apply this to your marketing strategies?

It’s not enough giving. It’s what you give that makes a difference.
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