What are the changes you need to make in the next 90 days?

Why is it so difficult to change the way how we think and act?

In these times, change is necessary. We all know that. Yet, we struggle to embrace change in our personal and professional lives. In my experience, I realized there are up to five reasons that prevent us to change our status quo:
  • Not everyone has grown up with the idea that change was good. Mine and older generations didn’t really need to embrace change until a decade ago. We grew up and been educated with the concept of stability and minimize disruption in our lives.
  • Not everyone has the attitude to change. Despite our age, we might not have this attitude already-built in us. Every time we feel a change is coming or needed, we feel threatened and we resist.
  • We are creatures of habits. We might have the attitude to change, however, we might have created habits and behaviours that prevent us to embrace change right now. We know we can, but we freeze.
  • We don’t have a high sense of urgency to change. We accept the status quo because it’s easy and doesn’t affect our confidence. We prefer little results than the pain of embracing changes, risks, uncertainties.
  • We don’t always have the support system in place to get uncomfortable enough to try new things.
If you look at your business, what are the key changes you need to make in the next 90 days to generate different outcomes? Take the next few hours to make a decision. If you have competing priorities, choose one single change that will have a major impact on your most pressing problem.

Now it’s the time to stretch yourself out of your comfort. The best leaders learned how to be and remain comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

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