What are you really selling?

What are you really selling? I am a big fan of David Garfinkel and I love this quote from him: “You can make a fortune selling people what they want, but you can go broke selling them what they need”. In fact, when we want to sell what clients need, two things normally happen: – We don’t convert the sale, or – We make the sale, but we don’t bring the results they expect. For the following reasons: – We are driven by the presumption to know what our clients need. Most of the time, this is based on what we know about the industry where they are in and their role in the organization. We assume. And when assume, it’s very likely we get things wrong. – We don’t go deep in the conversation, so we don’t force them to express what happens behind the scenes. In other words, we have a limited understanding of what they really want. – We developed a service-oriented mindset instead of a results-driven mindset. We see the opportunity to offer the service with a little interest or curiosity to understand what are the end results they really want. Let’s remember. It’s our responsibility to get results for our clients. 
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