What Covid-19 has done to our well-being (and our leadership)

One of the most discussed topics these days is how Covid-19 has impacted our well-being, mental health, productivity, and our performance at work.

While I was looking for data, I came across interesting research that I thought to share with you as it gives you some perspective about the current situation and hopefully some ideas to improve the employees’ well-being in your organization/team.

Overwhelmingly, respondents reported mental health declines, challenges with meeting basic needs, and feelings of loneliness and isolation. They also noted increased job demands and growing disengagement at work. But the news wasn’t all bad. Some people actually reported improved well-being, and the reasons for it could help organizations pinpoint ways to help employees in the future.

From a leadership point of view, I found it particularly interesting that some people expressed feeling a lack of support and empathy from leaders, as well as concerns about job security.

This is very risky from both an employee retention and engagement standpoint.

Here are all the findings:


What can you do right now to support more your team?

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