What I Learned About Commitment After Recording 100 Episodes

This is one of those days when feel we got to something important in our own personal journey.

For the last two years, I have recorded one episode of The World Class Leaders Show every week so I got to the magic number 100.

It’s a big achievement because it’s proof of honoring a difficult commitment.

Looking back, I learned 5 key things about commitment that I shared in today’s 100th episode:

  1. Keep your eye on the prize, think about the bigger picture, and why you are doing what you’re doing
  2. Commitment is proof of integrity. It’s who you are. Not what you do.
  3. Everything is about give and take. I believe giving is hugely more important than taking
  4. Good is good enough. Chasing perfection will lead to procrastination and prevent you from making things happen
  5. It’s all about your support system. Who is the right group of people who can really make a difference to help you achieve your goals?
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