Where are you heading?

When I ask this question to executives and business owners, their eyes start rolling. Most often, I don’t get a straight, clear and simple answer. What I normally get is a combination of goals and strategies. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a tough question. It requires a deep understanding of our motivations, drivers and a long-term vision. After having coached a number of leaders, I have realised that who struggles most to answer this question are not those with low potentials (business included). However, there is a correlation between vision and performance. Those individuals with a high level of clarity on where they are heading are most likely to be successful. Not just that. If they have a strong purpose too, the combination drives them to great results. This applies to companies as well. With a strong vision and mission in place, everything gets easier and easier. Defining key goals becomes simpler, as well as the key initiatives to launch to go closer to these goals. Not surprisingly, it becomes easier to measure performance against these goals too. By doing this, you will notice a nice alignment between all key factors to become successful. From vision to tactics. It becomes a powerful road map. What is a successful vision then? From my experience, there are really 5 elements that count most:
  • Does it convey a picture of what the future will look like?
  • Is it desirable for you, your team, your clients?
  • Is it realistic but ambitious enough to push you or your firm out of the comfort zone?
  • Is it clear enough to provide guidance on decisions to take?
  • Is it easy to communicate? In just one sentence or 1 minute?
How good is your personal or business vision against these five principles right now? If it’s not good enough, I’d recommend stopping what you are doing and rethinking about it. This won’t be a waste of time. On the contrary, by doing this, I bet you will have that “Aha” moment that you were looking for and can have a terrific impact on your performance and long-term success. Emails can wait. Calls can wait. To-do-list tasks can wait. Business is not going down if you take the time to develop a strong vision. You will be amazed at the results. Not just for your career or your business. It will boost your energy and motivation. Balls on your court now. What are you going to do? If you like what you read, sign up to get fresh insights in your inbox If you want to talk with me, please contact me here. 
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