Why confidence is all that matters right now

The worst thing that can happen right now isn’t losing clients. It’s losing confidence.

A few years ago, two Universities in California made a study with 350 entrepreneurs to understand the correlation between entrepreneurship and mental health. Results show that entrepreneurs have a higher chance to develop anxiety, loss of self-confidence, feelings of loneliness among other things. Covid19 hasn’t clear helped to improve that.

From a business standpoint, this leads to more implications for entrepreneurs. In my experience, I see new dangerous paths and vicious cycles take place.

In fact, during a crisis, entrepreneurs are forced to scale back their needs, so keeping and getting clients becomes a priority.

But when you feel pressure to get new clients, your level of anxiety is higher. When you become anxious, more likely you appear needy in front of your clients. And when you become needy, you erode your status that leads to more rejections. In fact, clients don’t like neediness at all, as they perceive it as a threat.

Unfortunately, this vicious cycle doesn’t stop here. When you are rejected, your self-esteem goes down, and then you are trapped.

To break it, the first thing to do is to eliminate neediness.

You are the prize. Never forget this.

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