Why high confidence is a differentiation factor in business

Are you happy with your level of confidence?

During bad times, confidence is often eroded. We often see the glass half-empty and things worse than they really are. In fact, no matter how much self-confidence we have, sometimes we feel things are not working in our favor.

But you know that true self-confidence leads to more positivity, energy, and happiness. When it’s in place, the bad thoughts come and go very quickly. This is what you want to build more resilience.

There is more. High-confident leaders take more risks, so they actively chase more rewards. When it comes to business, this is a big differentiator between average and big results.

If you feel your confidence is not enough to get a different level of results, this is the time to work on it and take pragmatic steps to be ready to play at the next level. Here’s my suggestion:

  1. Step outside of your comfort zone every day. No matter where, but take that step. Think about something that you either don’t want to do or procrastinate for a while. It can be something small too.
  2. Once you decide to take that step, learn to stay there. Don’t rush to go in and out. This is not supposed to be an occasional move. The more you stay in an uncomfortable situation, the more comfortable you become
  3. Repeat, repeat, and expand. Repeat that action multiple times and once you realize you are ok doing that, it’s time to move to the next level by taking a further and wider step.

There are no excuses to work on your confidence on another day.

Where will you start?

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