Why prospects don’t do what you ask

The worst thing we can do is assume what our prospects do when they interact with us.

Here’s the hard truth. Most of the time, they won’t do what you asked.

Why? Let me take a great quote from Ray Edwards:

  • Prospects never read anything at first;
  • They never believe anything at first;
  • They never buy anything at first.

Unfortunately, this is what happens. Let’s expand and see what you can do to change the outcome:

  1. Prospects never read anything at first

Your prospects won’t spend much time reading what you propose. They will focus on your headline first and will make a decision whether it’s worth to read more or stop there.

If your headline grasps their attention, they will see if there something interesting for them in your whole message, focus on some keywords/elements of your text, scroll until they get to the end.

  1. They never believe anything at first

They are skeptical, they don’t know you, they don’t trust. Whatever you promise is not enough. They will object. In other words, they don’t believe you yet.

They want to see if you know them well, how they feel, what they really want. They want to read some real stories about you and your clients to see if you are able to really help them too.

  1. They never buy anything at first

If you are not able to improve points 1 and 2, there is very little chance to make them buy what you offer.

But even if you manage to improve the previous points, I see many still fail to sell for a simple reason. They are afraid to ask.

Here’s the thing. Now, it’s not the time to be shy. It’s time to ask because, if you have a solution to their problems, why don’t offer it to them?

If you are struggling to build and write a compelling marketing message that sells, you should apply these three principles and stop assuming your prospects will do what you expect.

When I work with consultants, we spend a good amount of time coming up with a terrific message that attracts their ideal clients and converts on its own.

Words sell. More than anything else.

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