Why we need to take responsibility of the results

Do you take full ownership of your outcomes? I have been thinking a lot about ownership and I believe it’s the real evolution of responsibility. Responsibility means being dependable, keeping promises, and honoring our commitments. Ownership means we take responsibility for a result. Not surprisingly, once you develop a sense of ownership, you develop the highest level of commitment to get results. When you own your work, you make sure it generates the best possible outcome. You stand for it. You do what it takes to get results. Your commitment level goes up. You don’t care to step out of your role or work more than expected. You have one goal. Bring results. No matters what. Unfortunately, I hear too often people say this: “I did my part. It’s them that they haven’t implemented or executed properly my suggestions” Or, “I gave them what they asked for. If they don’t get results, it’s up to them”. I don’t know what your main driver in business is, but for me is all about impactYou’re paid for making a difference. Not for executing tasks. If this is the case, I really want you to focus more on the results you generate. If you see your employees, colleagues or clients struggle to get a result as an outcome of your work, stop making excuses or blaming them. Something went wrong. Whatever is the reason, you can’t step back. Take full ownership and do your best to prevent this happens. I recommend to follow these steps: 1) Think more carefully about your work, anticipate objections and resistance 2) Start from the outcome you want to achieve and reverse engineering your solution 3) Communicate your solution in a very clear and simple way 4) Make sure your counterpart is equally committed to getting results 5) Follow through, help. Don’t deliver and forget Gary W. Keller said something extraordinarily powerful: “Taking complete ownership of your outcomes by holding no one but yourself responsible for them is the most powerful thing you can do to drive your success.” Taking responsibility for your work is a given. Taking responsibility for a result is a sign of great leadership.
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